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been going to Sports Clips a few years now, keeps getting better. Had a great MVP experience with Lori today. I don't know why a few folks have a negative opinion, but, I've always been treated with respect and have had good experiences. Plan on going back...

1 rating

I stopped going to this place over a year ago because of bad experience after bad experience. But they are the only barber in the area open on Sunday so I didn't have much of a choice. I was quickly reminded why I stopped going. After describing exactly what I wanted done (a low fade with only a little off the top, but keeping the same style), I was given a high fade and a lot off the top, as if I had just walked into a barber shop on a military post. The style was completely different, and only after she stopped cutting did the stylist ask how I usually do my hair. Probably a question she could have asked at the beginning, or taken note when I originally said "keep the same style". There are plenty of good barbers in the Southern Pines area. This is not one.

1 rating

So today I went in southern pines sports clips because the lady the day before clearly messed the back of my head up trying to blend in my fade...... so like I said before $24, $5 tip for by far the worst haircut according to the people around me that I've ever had.... I return today, the day after to see if the lady who cut my hair could fix her mistake.. the store opened at 11, I was there at 1055, and luckily they had opened lil earlier..... when I entered the store, the lady that had cut my hair not even 12 hours ago greeted me and asked me to sign in.... never, not once asking me if everything was ok, did I forget something, not once asking why I had returned... so when she asked me to sign in, I told her, the lady that gaped my hair, mind you, that I was there cause my hair was Crooked and I need it fixed do I still need to sign in??? Her and her friend giggled and looked at me like I had 3 heads then passed me on to the manager I guess, her name was Cass..... so by me being a nice guy and not a inconsiderate, selfish, clown, felt obligated to give this girl $20, even though she told me it was free, for correcting the girls mistakes..... so so so wrong seriously, 44$ dollars for a basic haircut, cause this girl can't swallow her ego and ask why I had returned .... while I was in the chair never once walking over and taking ownership.... Cass was clearly very professional,..... I hope she address this, cause that was inexcusable

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Charles W | July 2, 2017 Haircut

"First of all, for me to take the time and sit down an write a review is unlike me.....however my exp"